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  • She Said Boom: The Story Of Fifth Column

    1 video  |   Rent $3.49

    Toronto in the early eighties. They united to use music, film, and self publication to defy conventions of art practice, gender ideas, and to challenge homophobia. These endeavors snowballed into global art and political movements. This film looks at their work, and explores why you may not have ...

  • The Flying Ace

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    A WWI fighter pilot returns to his former job as a railroad detective, and must recover a satchel filled $25,000 of stolen payroll, locate a missing employee, and capture the gang of thieves responsible.

    Action, Crime, Adventure • 1928
    Directed by: Richard E. Norman
    Language / Country : None / ...

  • Madonna and Child

    1 video  |   Rent $0.99

    A depressed man with a boring job cares for his aging mother, cruises for gay sex and guiltily confesses his sins in an entangled web of memory and despair.

    Drama • 1980
    Directed by: Terence Davies
    Language / Country : English / United Kingdom

  • Rebel Dread

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    REBEL DREAD is the story of Don Letts, a first-generation British-born Black filmmaker, DJ, musician, and cultural commentator. The film frames Don’s story with the 1968 Enoch Powell ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech and the 2018 ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy.

    Directed by: William ...